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Seamed tights black


Seamed Tights Black

by What Katie Did

A modern alternative to seamed stockings still giving you a glamorous 1950s look
Sheer 15 denier, with point heel and seam which goes to the top of the leg. Our Retro Seamed Tights are a break from tradition, but sometimes the effort of putting on a suspender belt is just too much! Our Retro Seamed Tights are truely glamorous (we promise to keep the secret between you and us)
Made in Italy, a country famous for quality hosiery manufacturing
Fabric Composition 90% Nylon, 10% Elastine

Size Chart

Small-Medium (5ft1 to 5ft 7) 110-145lbs

Medium-Large (5ft 5 to 5ft 11) 120-175 lbs