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Glamour contrast seamed stockings champagne/black


Glamour contrast seamed stockings champagne/black

by What Katie Did

Striking contrast seamed stockings with a pure black seam on champagne leg and new, wider welt
Full contrast with back foot, seam and welt to ensure you stand out in the vintage crowd
Tip – the neutral coloured leg disguises any little hitches meaning you get a lot more wear than with plain black seamed stockings. Perfect for if you’re thrifty, but love black seams.
Manufactured from sheer 15 denier nylon in Italy, the heart of quality hosiery manufacturing
Made from a blend of stretch nylon and elastane for a comfortable fit
Fabric Composition 87% Nylon, 10% Elastane, 3% Polypropylene

Size Chart

Small-Medium (5ft1 to 5ft 7) 110-145lbs

Medium-Large (5ft 5 to 5ft 11) 120-175 lbs