Fully Fashioned Stocking Sizing


Sizing is very important with non stretch nylons: one size does certainly not fit all. Our Fully Fashioned and Nylons ranges are designed for dress sizes 12-16. If you are smaller than that then you might like to try a size smaller, while if you’re a size 18 you might try a size larger. Don’t be tempted to go up or down more than one size as you’ll either end up with wrinkled ankles, or digging-in welts.

Real nylons are extremely delicate and need to be treated with the utmost care. In the heyday of stocking manufacturing, workers were treated to two manicures a day (on arrival and after lunch) to ensure nails and rough skin didn’t snag the delicate stockings. We highly advise the use of hosiery gloves, thin rubber gloves used for hair dying are an easy to find alternative – although slightly less glamorous! Believe it or not, the most dangerous time for nylons is not when you’re wearing them, but when you putting them on, removing them, washing them or storage.